Divine Services in December

Dear Orthodox Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

On Friday and Saturday, December 1-2 there will be Vigil and Divine Liturgy, conducted by abbot fr. Gavriil and deacon fr. Andre in CHURCH SLAVONIC with sermon and conversations in RUSSIAN. As usual, a small Russian choir will participate.

The temporary church temple address is: St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church ( 1712 5th Ave North, Nashville , TN  37208 ), a location near Germantown Nashville.

The acting schedule is:
1. Friday, December 1, 7 pm – Vigil. Those interested in a confession will be accommodated during the reading hours and after the service.
2. Saturday, December 2, 10:00 am – Divine Liturgy with Holy Communion.
3. For confession, those believers who can’t come on Friday will be accommodated on Saturday before the Divine Liturgy.
4. After Liturgy, there will be a modest potluck trapeza.

As before, Father Gavriil is available for custom home services, such as child baptism, blessing a home, or a specialized prayer service at home or church (commemoration services for repose, special moleben for ill, water blessing services, and other).

If you have any questions, please email RussianOrthodoxNashville@gmail.com or call 615-397-6743

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